Pragyata Initiative

Pragyata Guidelines on Digital Education

The Guidelines includes eight simple steps of learning i.e., Plan- Review- Arrange- Guide- Yak (talk)- Assign- Track- Appreciate

Pragyata Guidelines on Digital Education

GS PAPER II: Issues relating to development and management of Social Sector or Services relating to Health, Education, Human Resources.

Context: Recently guidelines on Digital Education – PRAGYATA has been released.

Pragyata Initiative

Key Takeaways

The Guidelines includes eight simple steps of learning i.e.,

  1. Plan
  2. Review
  3. Arrange
  4. Guide
  5. Yak (talk)
  6. Assign
  7. Track
  8. Appreciate

What you need to know about the PRAGYATA Guidelines?

The guidelines include eight steps of digital learning that is,

Plan– Review– Arrange– Guide– Yak (talk)– Assign– Track– Appreciate

These steps acts as a guide for planning and implementation of digital education step by step with examples.

These are only advisory in nature and state governments can formulate their own rules, based on local needs.

The guidelines outline suggestions for administrators, school heads, teachers, parents and students on the following areas:

  • Need Assessment.
  • Concerns while planning online and digital education like duration, screen time, inclusiveness, Balanced online and off-line activities.
  • Modalities of intervention including resource curation, level wise delivery etc.
  • Physical, mental health and well-being during digital education.
  • Cyber safety and ethical practices including precautions and measures maintaining cyber safety.

What is the need of such Guidelines?

These guidelines works in the direction of mitigation of the impact of the pandemic. Schools will not only have to remodel and re-imagine the way teaching and learning have happened so far, but will also need to introduce a suitable method of delivering quality education through a healthy mix of schooling at home and schooling at school.

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