5 mistakes by UPSC Aspirant

5 Mistakes by Most UPSC Aspirants They Don’t Realize

This Article contains the 5 Mistakes by Most UPSC Aspirants They Don't Realize they have committed in thier journey for preparing for UPSC Examination.

5 Mistakes by Most UPSC Aspirants They don’t Realize

Hello Aspirants!

Hope you guys are safe and healthy and are well away from this deadly COVID virus. First of all warm wishes to part of this INDIATHINKERS Family which is getting bigger day by day.

Today, being a proud part of this large community of Aspirants which has crossed as many as 70,000 users as well as Indiathinkers Family, I am going to discuss some of the very crucial aspect that every aspirant face during their UPSC Preparation. In this Article I am going to discuss very common yet fatal mistakes that every UPSC Aspirant makes while going through his journey of preparation.

5 mistakes by UPSC Aspirant

You guys must be noticing that there are very few current affairs updates as well as quizes updated after June 3rd 2020. There is a strong reason that lies somewhere in this article only.

I started this website in June 2019 so that I can help each and every aspirant who is not able to afford high coaching fees and does not have access to premium notes or guidance which is available for a cost not affordable for all. Those who can afford can consider themselves lucky and I don’t have any grudges against them. My website and its material doesn’t discriminate between anyone and I post only those stuff which I myself analyze and found to be fit for UPSC.

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Now, coming to today’s topic : 5 Mistakes by Most UPSC Aspirants They Don’t Realize

Following are the top 5 Mistakes which are committed by most of the UPSC Aspirants nowadays which they don’t even realise.

1. Falling Prey to Self-Proclaimed Experts

Today as we can see, each and everyone out here on internet holds an expertise in guiding UPSC aspirants. The most affected are the freshers who falls prey to it. Today, Internet is bombarded with such experts who themselves are not very much refined in their topics but they guide the new aspirants who ultimately falls into a never ending loop of failure.

If you have fallen prey to someone like this, you can better understand what I am saying.

So, how to avoid it?

The first thing you should do is to keep every thing aside, and just go through the syllabus and the pattern yourself. Tips and tricks can be sometimes risky as they involve the logic of the observer which differ from person to person.

There is no loss in exploring things, but you should not follow someone blindly! Remeber the saying,

"You cannot become what you want to if you are forced to be someone else." 

2. Wrong approach to Previous Year Papers

This is quite interesting to understand because this is something you don’t even realise but most of you do.

If you don’t, then congratulations, you are better than others. But if you do, then beware and stop it right away!

What happens actually is that, suppose you are reading some previous year paper and marking the questions according to the areas from where they are asked.

Now in a Question Paper of 100 questions, there are always around 20 questions which are too difficult to solve or in other words such questions are to make you realize that you are appearing for UPSC Examination.

For example, consider the following question which was asked in 2019 Prelims. This question was one which was not known to most of the aspirants.

Which one of the following is not a Harappan site?

(a) Chanhudaro

(b) Kot Diji

(c) Sohgaura

(d) Desalpur

Exp: Kot Diji (now in Pakistan) was an early Harappan site. Chanhudaro (Pakistan) and Desalpur (Gujarat) are mature Harappan sites.

The question was asked from Upinder Singh page146

Now suppose you are marking questions from say Environment and suddenly you some across this question, and if unfortunately you had read about Harappan and its sites, you will be most likely to fall in trap.

What will happen is that most of the aspirants will leave the environement questions and will start googleing the Harappan sites in UP and they will read all the sites in UP as well as the boundary states.

Now, the next year question comes from the Jainism and Buddhism and no question asked from Harappan and all you hard work and your expertise is lost.

This is one of the case and there are several examples. You must remember and focus on what you are doing and must approach towards Previous Year Question Papers with attentiveness whithout being swayed away by such questions.

3. You have to become an IAS Officer and not a Teacher

Now this is something really important when comes to UPSC IAS Preparation.

You must not forget the reason why you have started to prepare for this prestigious examination. It is important for the fact that it keeps you motivated and on the right track.

The motivation may differ from person to person and there is no harm to get motivated even by the monetary benefits that you get after you become an IAS Officer.

The reason why I am discussing this point is because from my personal experience I have seen aspirants switching their goals. They befool their conscience when they are dragged into some monetary benefits owing to their knowledge, be it some coaching centres offering handsome amounts or they start their own respective coaching academies.

So what actually happens is that an aspirant who started his preparation for becoming a Civil Servant end up becoming a teacher at some coaching institute which in itself is a disaster. So, my personal view is that you should not keep monetary benefits of IAS as a source of motivation as you can earn more than an IAS from other sources and you will definately get distracted.

4. Wrong Approach towards the Hindu

What would be you opinion if I say that the Hindu newspaper is not that necessary for Prelims as well as mains as you think?

Well most of you will disagree owing to the wrong perception that you have got about the Hindu. If you analyze previous year papers there were very few questions (merely one or two) were asked which had some issue covered by Hindu.

Now the question arises, Should we read it or not?

The answer is Yes! you should, but you should not give it more than 45 minutes and that too before you go to sleep and also only the selected editorial part and few sections.

Why so?

The reason is quite simple. First of all, apart from editorial most of the newspaper is out of syllabus of UPSC. News from sports, politics, controversy, political opinions as well as editorials written by journalists and political leaders are to be strictly avoided as they are mostly biased.

Whatever left includes editorals from scholars, educational experts, professor of University, topics related to Science & Technology as well as space explorations and inventions are important.

5. Don’t Miss the Basics !

Building a strong foundation is very very crucial when you start you preparation for UPSC IAS Examination.

Aspirants usually miss the basics when focusing more on current affiars and this is where they lack behind other serious sapirants.

Just remember that you need to score only 50-55% of the marks in order to clear the Prelims which can be easily secured using you knowledge of basic subjects i.e., History, Geography, Polity, Economics and Environment.

For an instance, Environment along with Geography comprised the 1/4th of the Prelims 2019 question paper. So, if you are well versed with your basic subjects, you can easily clear the prelims as well as this will serve you as a booster for your mains answer writing.

Just like other Aspirants who are crying to cover current affairs, don’t forget that you don’t need to top the prelimsbut have to score minimum marks to clear the cutoff.


The conclusion is simple and straight,

You can teach other even by your example as an IAS Officer rather than a Teacher.”


Keeping all the above points in mind, we have decided to provide you with the relevant materials which will help you pick up you basic understanding of the topic and the daily current affairs topics would have only those elements which would be necessary for UPSC Examination.

You have only about 125 days from now to brushup your preparation. this is still a huge amount of time if you use it wisely.

Thank you!

Stay Safe, Stay Home!

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