Feedback Page

Feedback Page | Tell us what you want!

This is feedback form to know how you feel about us and our material provided to you.

Feedback Page | Tell us what you want!

Feedback Page

Hello aspirants!

We hope you all are safe and healthy! We understand your pressure amid this lockdown and the uncertainty regarding the conduct of the UPSC Preliminary Examination 2020.

The Commission has recently announced to review the situation again on 5th June 2020 and in a previous notification had mentioned that it would notify with a 30 day prior notice before announcing a fix date for the UPSC Preliminary Examination 2020.


So, if we assume that everything would go as per our plan, then we have almost 40 days to Preliminary examination. Keeping this short period of time in mind, we want to directly connect to the aspirants rather than providing them with regular boring stuff.

We want to have an insights into what you as an aspirant want from us and how is your preparation going on. Here below is a feedback form that we urge you guys fill up and let us know your views about us and let us know what exactly we should provide you so that you may not waste your time looking for stuff you want.

Below is the required feedback form.

If the form doesn’t appear please go through this link.


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