Tricks to Remember Constitution of India

In the following sections you will be provided with the easiest of the tricks to remember all the parts and schedules of the constitution.

Tricks to Remember Constitution of India

In the following sections you will be provided with the easiest of the tricks to remember all the parts and schedules of the constitution and that too in a sequential manner so that you can get maximum benefit in your exam.

Tricks to Remember Constitution of India

Our Constitution originally had 395 articles, 22 sections and 8 schedules. After 103 amendments, the Indian Constitution now contains 448 articles, 25 parts and 12 schedules. These can be remembered as follows:

U Can Fly Directly From US to UP to Meet Child of Shyam and  Reeta;  Fruits  Taste SweeT  TEat  SOnly Eat Maggie ATasty Snack

The above Trick is explained below:

UPart I Union and its Territory
CanPart IICitizenship
FlyPart IIIFundamental Rights
DirectlyPart IVDirective Principles of State Policy
FromPart IV-AFundamental Duties (added by 42nd CAA, 1976)
UPart VUnion Government
S   Part VI State Government
Part VII- which deals with Part-B states was deleted by the 7th Constitutional Amendment Act,1956.
Part VIII Union Territories
PPart IX Panchayats
MeetPart IX-A Municipalities (added by 74th CAA, 1992)
ChildPart IX-BCo-operative Societies (added by 97th CAA, 2011)
ShyamPart X Scheduled and Tribal Areas
Reeta Part XIRelations between Union and States
FruitPart XIIFinance, Property, Contracts and Suits
TastePart XIIITrade, Commerce and Intercourse within the Territory of India
SweetPart XIV Services under the Union and State
ToPart XIV-ATribunals (added by 42nd CAA, 1976)
Eat Part XVElections
So  Part XVI Special provisions relating to Certain Classes
Only  Part XVII Official Language
EatPart XVII Emergency provisions
MaggiePart XIXMiscellaneous
AsPart XXAmendment of the Constitution
Tasty Part XXI   Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions
SnackPart XXII Short title, Commencement, Authoritative Texts in Hindi and Repeals

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This was the trick for remembering the parts of the Indian Constitution. Now, we will move forward to trick to remember the 12 schedules of the Constitution:


TUnion Territories and States (names and extent)
EEmoluments (President, Governors, Speaker and Dt. Speaker of Lok Sabha, Chairman and Dt. Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Speaker and Dt. Speaker of Legislative Assemblies, Chairman and Dt. Chairman of Legislative Councils, Judges of Supreme Court and High Court, CAG)
AAffirmations and Oaths
RRajya Sabha (allocation of seats to States and UTs)
SScheduled Areas and Scheduled tribes(provisions for administration and control)
OOther Scheduled Areas (Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura and Mizoram)
FFederal Structure ( Union, State and Concurrent Lists)
OOfficial Languages recognized by Indian Constitution (originally, it had 14 languages but presently have 22 languagesSindhi added by 21st CAA, 1967; Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali added by 71st CAA, 1992; Bodo, Dongri, Maithali and Santhali added by 92nd CAA, 2003; Oriya was renamed as ‘Odia‘ by the 96th CAA, 2011)
LLand Reforms
DAnti-Defection Law

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